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The Challenge

With a continuous growth in number of pharmacies, the large amount of data and the operation burden associated with data gathering, preparation, analysis and communication was increasing substantially (e.g. for some reports it took 5 days to be created).

In addition, the lack of immediate online and mobile access to current and historical information caused problems because:

  • Each pharmacy was not able to verify their group goals in a daily basis. Only when centralized reports were sent.
  • The group sales team couldn’t have a clear overview on the pharmacy when a sales visit was occurring.
  • Pharmacy products were being order without being based oh sales history which lead to an increase of inventory.

Besides the reduction in productivity and efficiency as the business grew, launching new centralized services was becoming more and more difficult.

We need a consolidated system that leverages our efficiency and effectiveness to communicate and collaborate with our 80 pharmacies and partners while recognizing the pharmacist value.

Pedro Vasques (CEO, Rede Claro)

Our Approach

Step 1: Data Consolidation

  • Design and implement daily processes to collect and transform data from 80 pharmacies.
  • Create one unique centralized data warehouse.
  • Integrate and consolidate structured and unstructured data (pharmacies, market data, marketing, inventory, internal ERP, sales team visits).

Step 2: Business Overview

  • Design and implementation of dashboards for different business units (examples below):
  • Finance: Sales comparison with previous year, sales forecast based on historical data, sales by different vectors (pharmacy, products, employee…).
  • Marketing: ongoing campaigns and impact on sales.
  • Purchase: product purchase suggestion reports based on historical data.

Step 3: Collaboration

  • Design and development of an integrated mobile app (iOS & Android) for the group community (Rede Claro, pharmacies & industry):
  • Main functionalities: mobile dashboards & reports, news & communications, group and pharmacies events, group chat, billing documents access, pharmacies visits, display front photos).
  • Implementation of a content management system to support the institutional site –

Step 4: Human Capital

  • Design and development of an e-learning platform for pharmacists.
  • Integrate the e-learning platform and courses into the Rede Claro mobile app.

The Benefits

Step 1: Data Consolidation

  • Almost real-time information.
  • Centralized control and management of consolidated information resulting in more effective decision making.
  • Data inconsistencies identified allowed to take data quality measures and corrections.

Step 2: Business Overview

  • Rede Claro now has a 360º degrees overview of the business.
  • Business information is now accessible to Rede Claro team within clicks.
  • Reporting creation and sharing reduced from 5 days to minutes.
  • Significant financial benefits were realized due to the discovery of sales and inventory management inefficiencies.

Step 3: Collaboration

  • Pharmacies now have the possibility of interacting with other pharmacies anytime, anywhere.
  • The mobile app allow pharmacies and industry players to connect through a online chat with Rede Claro.
  • Monitoring of marketing display front are now performed based on pictures sent by pharmacies.
  • Institutional site content changes are autonomously done by marketing in minutes

Step 4: Human Capital

  • New policies, training, ideas and concepts are immediately accessible.
  • Reduced time travel to attend in-class trainings
  • Increased coverage of the target audience.
  • Tracking the learning progress of pharmacist is now much simple due to reporting capabilities.

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