Optimized IT application landscape

Not all applications withstand the ravages of time. You want to streamline your processes and need new, tailor-made functionalities?

We take a holistic view of your IT and process landscape and create optimized solutions that boost your productivity while optimizing your ongoing IT operating costs.

Our areas of expertise

Re-Design & Architecture

Our experts will advise you from the target setting and requirements analysis to the solution design.

Development & Integration

We expand and optimize your applications with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Agile Project Management

With professional project management, we ensure the efficient implementation of your solution in the highest quality.

Requirements Engineering

Thanks to our industry experience, we translate your business need into technical requirements.

Test Management & Automation

We ensure that your solution meets the quality and compliance requirements.

Project references

We create modern solutions that streamline processes, improve communication and convince with highest quality standards.

Portal for Doctors and Patients
A mobile application with "Disease Diary" allows doctors and Parkinson patients to exchange information in real time. It allows patients to track symptoms and medication intake, allowing doctors to adjust the dosage almost instantly based on the course of the disease.
Digital Event Guide
A web and mobile application improves communication between event participants and organizers. It allows the provision of information about the event, facilitates the exchange with speakers and networking among participants and enables the organizer to perform real-time analyses.
Modern Incident Management
A web and mobile application allows the employees of a university hospital to send incident management reports to the internal building services department from anywhere and at any time. This speeds up internal processes and problems can be solved more quickly.
Medical Affairs Intranet
An internal portal for medical affairs based on SharePoint promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among the employees of a pharmaceutical company. The solution is modular, scalable and, thanks to its easy-to-use interface, makes it easier to find relevant content.
Regulatory Affairs Management
A web application based on SharePoint serves a pharmaceutical company as a central repository for regulatory registration, drug shortage management and promotional material management.

your benefits

Years of Experience

With over 20 decades of project experience in software development, we know what is important. Our experts advise you from the initial idea to the implementation of the solution and beyond.

Highest Data Security

Through the combination of IT and Compliance, we know what is important for data protection and data security. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art security technologies.

Dedicated Process Knowledge

Thanks to our many years of experience in various industries, we combine state-of-the-art technology with industry expertise to create efficient solutions that ideally support your business processes.

Targeted Synergies

We provide you with a contact person who will take care of all your concerns - and have a team of experts in the background who work closely together to create the ideal solution for you.

Optimized Interfaces

Any solution is only as good as its look & feel. We regard modern, easy-to-use user interfaces as an essential part of a high-quality end product.

Connecting the Dots

We think outside of the box and see the big picture. This enables us to create future-proof solutions that promote your business success in the long term.

Personal for you

If you have any questions, we will be happy to meet with you personally.

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Head of Digital Solutions & CIO

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